Tim Cheadle

Tim Cheadle

Engineer, Designer, Maker

About Me

Hi! My name is Tim; nice to meet you.

I’m a software craftsman, designer, and problem solver. Generally speaking, I just love making things. Originally from Virginia, I now live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my beautiful family. Prior to moving, I spent five years working as an engineering manager at Google in San Francisco.

Most of my time is spent building Umba a startup focused on curating creative handmade goods that delight and inspire. I joined as CTO in 2013 and love working with my team and our partner artists to build a product that our customers love.

In 2011 I founded a web engineering business called Rational Means, where I help companies use technology to grow and improve their business. After working as CTO at Umba, I learned how difficult it is to run a small ecommerce business, and I’m convinved that much of the pain is unnecessary. I’m working to change this by launching better tools for those amazing business operators.

As far as technology goes, I do primarily Ruby on Rails app development, front end development, product management, and UI/UX design.

I love helping other engineers and designers build sustainable, interesting businesses. To that end, I founded and continue to organize Charlotte Hackers & Founders, a group for local technology creatives to share ideas and resources. I also serve as an advisor for several startups and accelerator programs.

Outside of work, I’m a huge bourbon and coffee geek, love being outside, and I’m a proud father of a pretty great toddler . I used to be an electronic music DJ, and now I’m teaching myself how to draw and illustrate.

I’m @timcheadle on Twitter, and I’d love to hear your ideas.